Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chile Pasado

Elva gave me the recipe for Chile Pasado.
While technically this means old (past its prime) chiles, these chiles are very expensive but very flavorful and add zest to just about anything you can think of.

After roasting and peeling chiles as in the chile relleños recipe, leaving stalks intact, place chiles on foil lined baking sheet and set out to dry in the sun for 3 days, covering at night.

Once dried, they can be stored for a VERY long time in a plastic bag.

To cook, cover with boiling water and cook (you may place a saucer on top of them while they boil to keep them submerged).

Throw out water because it will be bitter, and remove stalks and seeds.

Chop up rehydrated chiles and mix into potato or meat mixtures, add to rice and beans, or add to a fried onion, tomatoe and garlic mixture seasoned with tomato bouillon with ample amounts of mexican cheese.

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