Sunday, August 29, 2010


Molé is a meat sauce generally eaten with rice made with many spices, even including chocolate. Yeah - I know, chocolate covered chicken just doesn't sound appetizing, but it really is quite tasty (molé covered chicken at least is).

While molé can be made from scratch, I don't have the recipe for it. I do however know how to put it all together from the little bottle of molé sauce you can find in the mexican section of most grocery stores. It generally comes in a small glass jar. The jars also come in handy as glasses later on for those on a budget who get excited about molé AND a free drinking glass!

I don't have photos right now, but will add some in the near future...I decided I'd rather get the recipe posted before I lose my recipe.

1 whole chicken (or the equivalent in meat from breast, thighs etc)
1 jar mole
chicken broth (reserved from cooking the chicken)

In a large pot, heat a pot of water, and cook whole chicken (excepting the innards).
Remove chicken from broth, and allow broth to cool.
De-bone chicken, cutting into bite-sized pieces, and discarding the bones.

Scoop molé from the jar into a blender. Add reserved chicken broth, filling blender 2/3 full. Cover and blend. Add salt to taste and a little bit of sugar as well.
If mixture is still very thick, add more broth, blending until it reaches the consistency of a thick buttermilk or batter.

In a frying pan, heat oil and fry chicken pieces. Pour molé on top of this, heat, and serve with rice and beans.

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