Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trout - Fish Boil

I'm feeling a little frustrated with my photo software right now - I apologize for the really little picture...not quite sure what is going on.

My husband headed out ice fishing last weekend with some friends and came back with three 18+ inch rainbow trout.  I thought they were lake trout (since he caught them in a lake), but apparently not.

While my husband loves to fish, he doesn't care to eat them.  I eat them because - well, I'll eat about anything, they are good for you, and basically, they are free food if you can catch'em.  

I searched around today for a good trout recipe - I got several facebook responses and suggestions, but they all seemed to be the traditional 'lemon, butter, salt & grill'.

I stumbled across a trout recipe page (don't ask where, I doubt I could find it again).  One of their recipes was for a 'boil down'.  I  have never 'boiled down', and was a little dubious.  I did reduce the quantities, and we still had lots left over.  I changed a few things - their recipe called for 1 c. of salt...that seemed out of control to me, and I'm glad I changed it.  

My husband was amazed at how much he ate and commented on how 'unfishy' it actually tasted.  My kids ate a lot, and wanted seconds.  I enjoyed the mildness - it actually almost tasted like a corned beef with the vegetables and all.

1 Lake Trout cleaned, gutted, and gilled.  Chop into slices 2-3 inches wide
1 large onion - coarsely chopped
2 c. peeled baby carrots (or equivalent)
8 medium red potatoes.  Scrubbed and quartered, with peels left on
1 T. dill weed/seed
1-2 T. salt
1 stick melted butter

Wash trout, and scrub scales to remove fishy taste in cold water.

Bring large pot of water to a boil.
Add salt, dill weed/seed, potatoes and carrots.
Cover, and return to a boil.
Add onions
Cook for 20 minutes.
Add trout.
Cover and boil for 12 more minutes.

Fish will flake easily when it is done.  Do not overcook.
Remove from heat and drain.
Return to pot, or serving dish and pour melted butter over trout, potatoes, onion and carrots.
Be careful to remove bones as you eat.  

Serves 6-8

Note - I'm told that this traditional Fish boil is always served with cherry pie for dessert

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