Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunflower cake

I came across this idea and decided to make it for my birthday, but with dimension, so I adjusted this recipe (just slightly) - some of which I liked, some of which - well, not so much. 

Here's my inspiration:  Cute huh?  In an abstract artistic sort of way.
While I loved theirs, I wanted to add more dimension  so I used two cake mixes, a 9x13", a 9" round, and a ramekin to bake the cake batter in.

2 cake mixes, any flavor - mix as directed
Starburst candies - yellow and orange
Chocolate chips (1 cup)
Gummy bears

Grease and flour a 9x13", 9" round baking pans, and 1 standard ramekin.

Grease the outer sides of an empty ramekin and place in the center of the round cake pan (this will allow the cake to cook more evenly and will provide dimension for the center).
Divide the batter between all three pans, filling the ramekin (not the one inside the round pan) only 2/3 full. 
Bake at 350* for 25-30 minutes.  Check at 20 minutes to make sure round and ramekin aren't already done.
Allow to cool for 10 minutes in pans, then remove from pans and allow to cool on cooling racks.

Place 9x13" cake on serving platter and frost with either a white base, or a chocolate base.
Using 9x13" as a base, place 9" round (which should be a ring once empty ramekin is removed from center) on top.
Frost with base frosting coat.
(Note - just because you might be sick of butter cream frosting and are too lazy to make more frosting is not an appropriate reason for you to use marshmallow cream - believe me - while in theory it looks good, it WILL NOT work as a base frosting for this cake - or any other for that matter - it will slowly slide and run right off of your cake and you will wish you'd listened).

Place ramekin sized cake into the center hole of the ring, and apply a chocolate base coat.
Cover the chocolate coat with chocolate chips.

Unwrap yellow and orange Starburst candies, and microwave one at a time for 6-8 seconds depending on the strength of your microwave (mine took 6).
After microwaving, place between two sheets of waxed paper and roll out with a rolling pin.
Trim with scissors into desired petal shape and place on cake - pinching one end to add dimension.
Layer petals as desired.
Use alternating gummy bear pattern to frame cake sides.
Here's a link to the original ideas

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