Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Easter Egg Cake

Looking for a festive cake for Easter?
My kids needed to take a treat to a meeting today, and my youngest daughter decided she'd make a cake, and that she wanted to do a basket weave for the frosting.
A bit ambitious, but I let her go for it.
My oldest daughter had a brainstorm for the top of the cake, and here's what we came up with

2 round cakes - any flavor will do.
Crumb coat frost them to seal in all of those little crumbs.
Basket weave the sides.
Place colored plastic eggs and Easter egg candies on top - secure with frosting if needed.
Pipe and fill in the spaces with frosting grass.

For the basket handle, we were a little stumped. We bought a real basket and tried to use it's handle, but it actually was too wide, and broke the cake apart (we even soaked it). After repairs, as we milled around trying to figure out what we could use, I realized that we have some sheets of beeswax that we used for making candles at a birthday party last year.
We rolled the beeswax into a basket handle and added a ribbon.
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