Monday, March 12, 2012

Cuban Sandwiches

So, remember that I live in Florida now.
My friend Fidel who is Cuban (seriously) served these to us a while back, and taught me how to make amazing Cuban Sandwiches (which I think is a big thing here).  

1 loaf cuban bread (looks like a long baguette, or long and skinny french bread)
2 eight oz. packages deli sliced swiss or baby swiss cheese
1-2 lbs deli sliced serrano ham (which can be substituted if it can't be found)
Bread and butter pickle slices
2 c. shredded pork

Slice bread in half, and butter the insides well. 
Drizzle mustard on both sides of the bread, then working on one side, spread shredded pork. 
Layer pork with slices of ham (in a triangle layered fashion).
Layer ham with cheese slices (placed in opposite direction). 

Layer cheese slices with pickles in opposing direction.
Close sandwich, and butter the outsides of the bread. 
Cut in half, and heat in a panini press until cheese begins to melt. 
If a panini press is not available, heat on a griddle, pushing down with a spatula as this is a flattened style sandwich. 
Serve immediately. 

My friend Fidel used to own a restaurant and says that the secret to these is NO mayo.  Most places use mayo, but he says the mayo kills the sandwich.   Buen provecho!

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