Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Curry, Roti and Sada

Last year we traveled to Trinidad & Tobago where my husband previously lived.
While there, we were able to connect with some of his friends he'd met while living there. One particular friend, Belle Maharaj was an amazing cook who had recently opened a restaurant. She and her daughter gave us the following recipes for some traditional Eastern Indian/Caribbean food.

Curried Meat (chicken, shrimp etc.)

Heat oil on low
Add onion and garlic, cook until translucent
Add curry and heat for 2-3 minutes
Add a little water (2-3 T I add 2 cups)
Add meat
Sprinkle with cumin and saffron


2 Cups flour (1 t. sugar if making bus up shut)
1 T. baking powder
1 t. salt

Water – enough to mix into a dough. Knead like bread. Leave 15 minutes. Divide into 4 balls. Roll one out until thin. Paste (spread with hand) with oil or butter.

Sprinkle dry flour over.

Fold into thirds, as you would a letter. Fold sides in, to make a square.
Cover with wet towel and let sit 20-25 minutes (or put into a bag to hold in moisture.) Repeat with each ball.

Heat tawa and grease with oil. Flatten with rolling pin and roll out to be the size of the tawa. Put on tawa, and after approximately 2 minutes turn. Oil before turning. Cook approximately 2 minutes other side.

Sada – soft
Make dough and make it into a ball. Let it sit 10 minutes, and then divide and roll out. Place on the tawa with no oil. After two minutes turn.

Tear off pieces of the sada/roti and eat with the curried meat and rice.

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